FAQ about Church Replant

Who will the pastor be? Stephen Shaw has accepted the call as Lead Pastor at the new campus. He has already been preaching at Faith for several months and looks forward to shepherding this body. He is full of vision for the members in Broken Arrow and cannot wait to launch this church!


So, is this a satellite church? Well, yes and no. Sequoyah Creek is very much a part of a Parkview. It will function under Parkview’s Constitution and By-Laws, yet there are a few things that will be different from a traditional satellite. Namely, Sequoyah Creek will have there own preaching on Sunday mornings. Sermons won’t be live-streamed, which makes us largely different from other multi-site congregations in the Tulsa area.

What is the leadership structure? The Sequoyah Creek campus will be under the leadership structure of Parkview, which is led by Senior Pastor, Steve Lewis. Pastor Steve has an exciting vision for this campus and will work closely with Sequoyah Creek campus pastors, Stephen Shaw, Rich Bouchard, and Jaden Hunter.


Why did you rename it? Why Parkview? Why Sequoyah Creek? We’ve renamed the church to include Parkview and the mission it represents, but to also give that campus its own new identity of Sequoyah Creek.  


Philosophy of Ministry – The mission of Parkview Baptist Church focuses on three words: KNOW, GROW, and ECHO. We believe the most important thing anyone will ever do is come to know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe it the responsibility of the local church to help followers of Jesus grow in relationship with Him. Finally, we believe we are called to echo the Good News of Jesus out into our world. Everything we do comes out of the overflow of applying those three words!


These are just a few answers to many of the frequently asked questions we’ve received about this transition. If you have more specific questions or need to know something as it pertains to children/youth events, please reach out to the Parkview Sequoyah Creek Staff Members below. We are thankful for the 40+ years Faith Baptist Church faithfully served Broken Arrow and its members. WE look forward to continuing the strong traditions laid before us as we join together with Parkview.


Stephen Shaw – Lead Pastor

Rich Bouchard – Discipleship Pastor

Jaden Hunter – Worship Pastor

Robbie McBride – Youth Ministry Leader

Bethany Gertner – Children’s Ministry Leader

Parkview Sequoyah Creek Launch Date

After a short, two-week hiatus in order to prepare our hearts and also prepare the campus, we are excited to re-launch and re-brand on Sunday, August 6, as a part of Parkview Baptist Church. Our new name will be Parkview Sequoyah Creek. We want to let you know about all of the exciting events surrounding the launch of this new church and we hope you’re able to be a part of it.

Sunday, August 6

            9:00 a.m.                   Small Groups

            10:00 a.m.                 Celebration Worship Service

            6:00 p.m.                   Vision Casting Message

Monday, August 7
          6:00 p.m.                   Come learn about all the ministries and activities Sequoyah Creek is looking to start or be a part of

Tuesday, August 8 
         6:00 p.m.                   New Member Orientation/Commissioning of Charter Members of Parkview Sequoyah Creek

Wednesday, August 9     
         6:00 p.m.                  Celebrate the Lord’s Supper as a new body

Partnership with Parkview Baptist Church

On Tuesaday, May16, we reached a major milestone in the process of our Replant project with Parkview Baptist Church.  Trustees from both churches met in the law offices of McCormick and Field to sign the closing papers to make this a legal and binding agreement.  Parkview now has legal ownership of the property on the Faith campus.  We want to thank the trustees who participated in this process: Bill Rains, Letha Bryant and Brent Smith, Gary Garoutte, and Randy Sunderland.  We will now begin the transition process with the new ministry team from Parkview.  We will also be announcing the new name for the campus in a few weeks.